How Faith Accompli came to be

Faith Accompli is a web development firm based in Lenexa, KS, that was founded in 2005 by Kevin Dennis and Franck Barfety.  Our experience building websites goes back to the early days of the web in the early-90s (remember NCSA Mosaic anyone?!). We have a broad range of corporate-world experience in diverse fields such as full stack web development, information security, SEO, project management, business analysis, sales, and high-end customer service. We will put this expertise to work for your corporate, small business, or personal website needs.

We ascribe to a “Less is More” design philosophy that favors a minimalist approach: fresh, clutter-free web pages with concise content & beautiful imagery. We can also host your site to provide you with complete control over your content. Please contact us with your project, budget and deadline. We look forward to helping you make your business a success!